Decision making in uncertain times

A friend called me this morning for help and advice. They run a local restaurant and are considering whether they try to continue trading and the implications for their employees and their family.

Like most of us, they’re trying to find certainty to make their decision-making process simpler. They’re asking questions like

“How long will this go on for?”

“What will the government announce next?”

“Will people keep coming to our restaurant?”

The question they really want help with is…

What is the BEST thing for us to do now?”

The reality is that all these questions are unanswerable and probably will remain so for the forseeable future. Despite that, they still need to make decisions.

The advice I gave to them applies to us all. There is no BEST answer. There simply isn’t the collective experience and evidence to determine what the BEST thing to do is. Looking for the BEST answer is a recipe for indecision and delay.

What they need to do now is make GOOD decisions. GOOD decisions are based on using the evidence available and considering their specific scenario. GOOD decisions require the application of rational and objective thought. GOOD decisions need to be talked through.

Because there is no rule book, GOOD decisions need to be explained clearly to the people they affect. Our decisions might not be the same as those of others, but if the rationale is understood and the process is clear, they will be respected.

GOOD decisions are perhaps the hardest decisions to make, and people need help to make them. They need a sounding board, someone to ask questions of them and encourage them to explore all the different options.

Advice has limited value, an objective and critical friend is priceless.

If you need to talk, we’re here for you ❤

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