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VMAX are specialists in improving leadership performance.  We are an expert team of coaches and consultants, with unrivalled experience working with high performing organisations around the world.

We work with leaders and their organisations to address barriers to success, shaping and driving the strategy, culture, behaviours, systems and processes integral to high performance.


High performance leadership teams

leadership capability development

organisational development AND change

leadership & executive coaching

Our approach

Your operating context has an enormous influence on leadership and organisational behaviour. We work hard to understand and help you influence and shape this context to drive exceptional performance.

Whilst pressing organisational problems need to be solved, we encourage leaders to resist the lure of a quick fix. VMAX supports leaders to develop strategic solutions that align with the culture and enhance the capability of the organisation and its people to perform, compete and excel.

Our principles

We are driven by 4 key principles that guide our approach and all our services.



We provide the challenge leaders need to lift performance, based on research and experience in leadership roles.



We enable capability, confidence and a leadership mindset that translates into successful performance.



We fully examine your operating context and ensure our levels of service and care provide you with everything you need.



We start with the intended outcome you need and align our resources and energies to deliver real impact.

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