Not the first word you typically associate with consultants, but we’re not like the others.

We’re passionate about your business, your leaders, your people and delivering high performance through a focus on behaviour.

Expert and experienced

You won’t find anyone more passionate and committed than us.
You won’t find many that can match our expertise and experience either.

We’ve been helping organisations with change before it even had that title.  Some call it organisational development and leadership development, some call it transformation. Whatever your preferred title, it’s about changing the way you work, individually and collectively to get better results.

We’ve helped organisations that operate across multiple continents, and some that can fit into a single room.  Some are private, some public, many have been charities.  All different, all fascinating.

Our journey

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We’ve worked around the UK and the world for over two decades.  Read about our journey and how we’ve helped people like you.

Our people

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Every one of our team are totally committed to delivering brilliant results for all our customers – you can learn about them here.

Customer stories

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We’ve worked with some brilliant people and organisations.  Here’s a selection of some of our favourite customer stories.


We’re nice people.  We think you’ll like us, and get a lot out of working with us.

Don’t just take our word for it – sign up for one of our free events, or ask us to run a workshop for your team free of charge.  It’s the perfect way for us to get to know each other.

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We believe that having clearly defined principles is the key to high performance.  In fact when we work with you it is likely to be one of the first things we discuss.

We have 4 key principles that define how we work.  There’s nothing secretive about them and if you like them we’re pretty sure you’ll like us.

Be honest

We promise to tell you the truth. Whether that is about you, your business or your people. Sometimes the truth isn’t pretty, but it’s the right thing to do.

Don’t start what you can’t finish

We’ll only work with you if we believe we can make a difference.  That means that we must have the time to commit to you, and you must have the time to commit to the change. We don’t do half measures.

Create capability, not reliance

We work with you, not instead of you.  When we leave (and we will leave), you’ll be ready and able to continue on your own what we’ve started together.

Make it rewarding

We love what we do, and we’ll do our best to make it an enjoyable experience for you too.  Sometimes you’ll encounter some tough situations, but we’ll be there to help.