VMAX was invited to deliver a guest lecture to the final year students on our Work Placement module.

The students are studying for degrees in Sports Development, Management and Coaching, and through the lecture Paul helped to open their eyes to the employment landscape after University, as well as provide an insight into important enterprise and entrepreneurship skills.

The students left the lecture reflecting upon the reasons driving them towards their chosen careers in sport and with a motivation to excel in these careers.

I found the VMAX 360° Assessment process very enlightening. It captured the perceptions of my colleagues in a very constructive way that highlighted strengths and weaknesses and aligned with our business model.

Having extended the process across the leadership team, it has proven to be a catalyst and has brought about a step change in our effectiveness.

Coaching from VMAX has helped a number of individual leaders to reflect on their style and approach, and raise their game at a time of significant change in our sector.