Leadership capability development

Build leadership skills and knowledge to enable your organisation to deliver its strategic goals and outperform the competition.

how do leaders really learn

Research has shown that dealing with the informal and unplanned experiences leaders face every day are critical to their development.

VMAX maximise the learning potential of these experiences by building programmes that are rooted in the real-world leaders are operating in.  All our programmes provide opportunities for reflection and experimentation in addition to skills and knowledge development.

VMAX leadership programmes are highly tailored to support the delivery of your strategy and goals.  We combine workshops, coaching, action learning and business projects, ensuring highly individualised learning journeys and tangible return on investment.

Face-to-face, HYBRID or remote leadership capability courses

The world of work has changed, and with that, the nature of leadership development has to change.

All our programmes can be delivered face-to-face, remotely or a combination of the two.  Whatever the mode of delivery, our programmes are highly interactive, providing opportunities for leaders to solve real workplace challenges, reflect and learn from their experiences and build a sustainable community of leadership best practice

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