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The Transformative Power of Co-creativity

In last month’s Insight we explored the nature of Organisational Maturity, and recognised that many organisations get to the Connected Phase, then stop developing, or become increasingly focused on ensuring compliance to the ‘connection processes’, which in turn stifles further

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The 6 Phases of Organisational Maturity

In today’s dynamic and competitive business environment, the concept of organisational maturity is of paramount importance. An organisation’s maturity is not merely a measure of its age or size; instead, it encapsulates a spectrum of capabilities, strategies, and cultural attributes

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December Newsletter

As we approach the festive season, we’re reminded of the importance of fostering a culture where every individual feels engaged, empowered, and valued.  This year has posed unique challenges in employee engagement, with many organisations grappling with disconnection and lower

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About Vmax Consulting

Vmax Consulting has, for the past 20 years, supported organisations in over 40 countries to become the very best that they can be. We have worked across many sectors and in organisations that range from global enterprises through INGOs to

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6 fundamental lessons in organisational change

Organisational transformation is very much on the agenda at the moment and in our change practice we are often asked to share insights and learning to help leaders develop their change programmes and ensure that they are successfully delivered. This

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4 reasons why coaching beats training for leaders

Traditional leadership development fails to provide leaders with many of the fundamental skills they need to perform at their best.We highlight 4 reasons why coaching is a more effective method for improving leadership performance. 1.  Leaders don’t have the time

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