The joy of being ‘normal’

A customer told us a lovely thing recently – she said we were “very normal”.  If you’ve had any dealings with management consultants, you’ll know that’s a massive compliment!

However the context of the sentence worried us, because she was surprised at how “very normal” we were.  That led us to think long and hard about the image we portrayed to people, and what our customers really valued about working with us.

After talking to them we discovered it came down to 4 things:

  • We’re always passionate and enthusiastic about what we do – we arrive with a smile and leave them smiling
  • We know our stuff – we’re really insightful and have lots of experiences that we share with them
  • We always start with principles – we use this to help people make decisions they’re really happy with and are confident will deliver the right results
  • We’re very normal – our customers said they liked us as a bunch of people, which was lovely, because we really like them too

So we’ve had a bit of a spruce up, and built a new website and social media presence that is more reflective of who we want to be, and our customers value about us.

There’s still some work to do, but we’d love your thoughts.

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