Building engagement through coaching

About Hotpoint

Hotpoint are famous for ‘white goods’, whether that be fridges, cookers, dishwashers and pretty much every other major kitchen appliance.

We worked with them at their North Wales manufacturing site, making 800,000 washing machines a year and employing 1,000 people.

The challenge

Hotpoint wanted to increase engagement at their North Wales factory.

They identified that the first and second-line management teams were ideally positioned to drive engagement levels, but didn’t have the skills and experience to do so in a consistent manner.

How we helped

We started by conducting an evaluation of the management team and their performance against the business strategy.

We placed a strong focus on development, with performance needs discussed with the senior team and used to design the coaching programme.

Coaching schedules were established at monthly intervals with action learning set meetings in the intervening periods. In this way, individual needs were met during the executive coaching sessions, and collective issues could be discussed during the action learning meetings.

The managers learned how to work together, learn from each other, and drive a consistent performance culture throughout the business.

Our coaching team met regularly to discuss progress to help inform the focus of the executive coaching sessions and identify other development requirements.


The management team reported, through the evaluation process, that managers were much more aligned and focused on the business strategy and were working more effectively as a team.

Engagement levels at the shop floor level increased, as did the performance across the site.

Employees were very happy with increased management focus on their work and the increased levels of support that their managers offered.

Additionally the quality and quantity of improvement ideas from both managers and shop floor team members increased considerably providing greater opportunities to further improve performance.

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