Tom Battye

Tom is an executive coach and organisational development consultant with over twelve year’s international experience working with senior leaders and their teams.  Tom’s methodology is based on extensive study in the field of human behaviour. He combines a high degree of organisational understanding with a pragmatic focus dedicated to bringing about change and action.

Tom is a perceptive person with strong listening and empathy skills. He has a sharp psychological awareness and can be direct and challenging in his feedback. Clients say he helps them find meaning and purpose in their working lives. Coaching provides the executive with a unique relationship that is dedicated to his or her success. Tom focuses on giving the client the time and space to develop insight and identify strategies that are going to work for them in the future.

Tom has a background as a professional expedition leader. This involved living in the jungle of Belize for 9 months, snow tracking wolves in Poland, camel trekking in the Sinai desert, building a school in India and renovating a Tibetan monastery in Nepal. Tom has led over 30 international ventures like these. In this capacity he gained first hand leadership experience and developed a talent for coaching people through change.

Since 2002, he has been working in the field of organisational development, specialising in leadership coaching for individuals and teams.