Strategy creation for Unity Insurance

About Unity Insurance

Unity Insurance are a specialist independent insurance broker, 100% dedicated to the charity sector’s insurance needs.

They offer insurance solutions for the largest charities through to small local community, voluntary and youth groups and provide specialist schemes to members of the Scout Association and Girl-Guiding.

The challenge

The Unity Insurance board wanted support to develop a strategic position aligned with The Scouting Association 2018 strategy.

It was essential that the strategy had buy in from all their stakeholders, including board members, employees, and volunteers across the Scouting and Girl-Guiding movements.

How we helped

We supported the Managing Director of Unity Insurance build a collaborative process that would gather input from her stakeholders and generate commitment to a strategic position.

We facilitated a number of structured meetings with key stakeholders, gathering views on the way the organisation operated today and how it should prepare itself for the future.

The meetings also provided an ideal opportunity to ‘soft-test’ the vision and understand organisational capacity and capability.

We continued to support her throughout the preparation of a position paper that set out the strategic options and recommendations for structural and cultural change.


The position paper was very well received and the process had built confidence and strengthened relationships.

Board members, stakeholders, managers and employee leads reported benefits from being involved and higher motivation for a future they had helped shape.