Coaching that works

High quality, affordable coaching that gets results.

Coaching is hotter than ever. High performing and improving leaders around the world are looking to coaching to enhance their leadership skills and boost performance.

We’ve been coaching leaders and developing coaching skills for over 30 years, and can help you and your business by coaching your executives and leaders, developing certified internal coaches and training line managers in coaching skills.

Coaching your executives and leaders

By working with a coach who understands the challenges of their role and is prepared to challenge behaviour, leaders see significant improvements in performance. We coach leaders at the top of their game (read what Sam Walsh, former Chief Executive at Rio Tinto has to say about us) , and at all levels across hundreds of different organisations. As well as face-to face coaching, we are pioneers in online coaching that provides a cost-effective solution for those in remote locations or organisations on a budget.

Developing certified internal coaches

Many organisations are recognising the value in building their own internal coaching capability. Having experienced internal coaches from amongst an organisation’s own employees is proven to increase coaching participation, enhance leadership capability and accelerate a coaching culture. Our Internal Coaching Certificate gives internal leaders and HR professionals the confidence and competence to deliver coaching within your organisation. As they learn they are supervised to coach a colleague, so your development delivers an immediate return on investment.

Training line managers in coaching skills

Line managers are often the ‘load bearers’ of coaching in organisations and are increasingly expected to use coaching and mentoring skills as part of their line management approach. Our coaching skills for managers workshops build an understanding of coaching and how to use coaching techniques effectively in the workplace. We understand that being a manager isn’t all about coaching, so we also build particpants’ ability to recognise those situations where coaching isn’t appropriate and a line manager conversation is required.

Should I schedule a call?

If you are looking for ways to get coaching for your people, you can organise a discovery call below. Those who get the most value from a conversation meet one of the following criteria:

  1. An immediate need for help – if you have leaders who needs fast, high-impact support, we can organise a first coaching session within 7 days.
  2. Planning coaching strategy – if you want to include coaching in your learning strategy, we can advise on effective and best value approaches.
  3. Building a coaching culture – if you want to increase the use of coaching throughout your organisation, we can build a plan that fits your budget.