Culture audit and assessment

Culture is a powerful force in every organisation – a strong positive culture has a clear and direct impact on performance.

We will quickly help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your organisational culture and how it compares against your goals.

Our culture audit process is fast and effective. We use a combination of individual structured interviews, focus groups and online surveying to get under the skin of what is really happening in your organisation.

Individual structured interviews

Interviews take place with senior leaders and those employees who are more likely to speak openly in a private setting.

The interviews are structured, using a combination of quantitative and qualitative feedback to understand where the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation lie, and the underlying reasons.

Focus groups

When the views of more employees is sought, focus groups provide an effective way to canvas opinion.

Focus groups are carefully structured, with the questions designed to stimulate debate and draw insight from the group.

Care should be taken with the membership of the focus groups to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard and not ‘drowned out’ by the opinions of a few.

Online surveying

For larger organisations, online surveying provides a way to engage with the wider employee population.

All our surveys are simple and mobile-enabled, to allow employees the option of completing whilst at their desk, on the factory floor, or on the train home.

Reporting and feedback

At the end of the audit process, we’ll sit down with your senior team, talk you through the results and help you reach conclusions as to the best way forward.