Helping line managers become better coaches

Line managers are often the ‘load bearers’ of coaching in organisations and are increasingly expected to engage in coaching and mentoring practices with their staff as part of their line management responsibility.

Our coaching skills for managers workshop builds an understanding of coaching and how to use coaching techniques effectively in the workplace.

Of course, being a manager isn’t all about coaching, so we also build participants’ abilities to recognise those situations where coaching isn’t appropriate and a line manager conversation is required.

Interactive and practical

Our 2 day, introduction to coaching skills for managers workshop is highly interactive, using role play exercises and simulated coaching conversations to build competence and confidence in the practice of coaching as a line manager.

Throughout the workshop, significant emphasis is placed on the application of learning within the work environment. Participants will finish the course with a full appreciation of the fundamental skills required to support and develop their team using coaching.

Workshop outline

  • Introduction to coaching
    • Exploring what coaching is and isn’t
    • Principles of coaching
  • Coaching and line management – the commonalities and the differences
    • What are the common skills and how do we deploy them
    • What is different – focus/goal/ownership/management
    • The importance of signposting
  • The GROW model of coaching
    • Introduction to the GROW model
    • Exploring the elements in detail
  • Structuring a coaching session
    • Explanation of how to structure a coaching session
  • Skills development exercises
    • Group exercises on preparing for, delivering and reflecting upon a coaching session
    • Discussion of planning process
  • Conducting challenging line management conversations
    • Recognising and preparing for challenging conversations
    • Avoiding common pitfalls
  • Skills development exercises
    • Group exercises on preparing for, delivering and reflecting upon challenging conversations
  • Reflection and action planning
    • Action planning for future coaching
    • Creating a support network

Happy customers

The Vmax Consulting introduction to coaching skills for managers workshop has delivered results for organisations in a wide range of industry sectors over the course of the last decade.

Recent teams we have worked with have come from organisations as diverse as charities, aerospace, financial services and white goods manufacturing.

All the teams we have worked with have reported more confidence in the use of coaching skills, better understanding of the role coaching plays in their line management responsibilities and more effective development of teams and the individuals within them.