Face-to-face executive coaching

Executive coaching is hotter than ever. High performing leaders around the world are looking for coaches to enhance their leadership skills and boost performance.

By partnering with a Vmax Consulting coach who understands the leadership role and is prepared to challenge behaviour, leaders see significant improvements in individual and team performance.

We provide a complete end-to-end service including sourcing suitable coaches, vetting qualifications and experience, checking references, tracking progress and ensuring quality.

The right coach

Vmax Consulting employ some of the most experienced and respected coaches in the world. In addition, clients have access to a vetted network of specialists across the UK and around the world.

To support leaders in navigating the talent on offer, a diagnostic process is used to understand specific individual and organisational requirements, assess current challenges and ascertain preferred working style and operating culture.

This diagnostic data is combined with practical factors such as working location, time zone, preferred language and any particular learning needs the leader may have.

The resultant shortlist is discussed with the leader and other organisational stakeholders to ensure a positive and productive choice can be made.

Guaranteed chemistry

Once the shortlist is finalised, it’s important leaders have an opportunity to meet with or speak to their prospective coach. This ‘chemistry’ meeting’will ensure the coach and coachee can form an effective relationship and meet the desired goals.

If the chemistry isn’t right, the shortlist will be reviewed and arrangements made for a meeting with a different coach.

The coaching chemistry process is critical in ensuring leadership and organisational buy-in for coaching. As such there is absolutely no commitment or cost at this stage.

Total peace of mind

Like any other effective leadership development activity, good coaching is managed, tracked and measured.

All Vmax Consulting coaches complete session-by-session feedback reports and have clear escalation routes to raise issues whilst always protecting confidentiality.

At an organisational level, a range of metrics and reports are available, including programme progress, key learning themes, and goal achievement.