Certified development for your internal coaches

Having experienced, supported internal coaches from amongst an organisation’s own employees is proven to increase coaching participation, enhance leadership capability and accelerate adoption of a coaching culture.

Effective internal leadership coach development includes three components:

  1. Experience of being coached
  2. Intensive knowledge and skills acquisition, including coaching practice
  3. Delivery of a live coaching assignment, with the support and supervision of coaching professionals

The Vmax Consulting Internal Leadership Coaching Certificate blends individual coaching, small-group learning, powerful self-reflection, peer support and intensive supervision to fully equip participants to coach others in their organisation.

Powerful learning approaches

Group learning

Group learning sessions will introduce new techniques and concepts throughout the programme and are adapted to the specific challenges and development pace of the group.

Personal coaching

Each participant will be assigned a personal coach to work with them throughout the programme. Personal coaching will combine face-to-face, telephone and Skype conversations.

Individual preparation and learning

Between group learning sessions, participants will engage in a number of individual activities focused on building their knowledge, maximising the value of group learning and encouraging an ethos of personal development.

Partnered learning

In addition to small-group learning, the programme uses ‘learning partners’, formed from pairings of programme participants.

Supervised coaching

The theory of coaching delivers value only when it is put into practice. As part of the programme we will help you to identify at least one colleague who you can coach, under supervision, in order to practice your skills and further your understanding of the coaching process.

Unlimited support, guaranteed peace of mind

Every Internal Leadership Coaching Certificate participant benefits from:

  • 9 group development sessions
  • 8 individual coaching sessions
  • Supervised coaching for at least one colleague
  • A strong community of practice and learning partner in your local area
  • All programme materials
  • Total, ‘always on’ support throughout your development

Exclusive and local

We accept a maximum of 6 participants onto each of our Internal Coaching Certificate programmes and each takes place within a locality to ease time and travel for learners.

Contact us to find out about availability and start dates in your area.