Masterclasses in organisational change, executive coaching and behavioural change

Join us in London throughout 2017 to learn critical skills in organisational change, executive coaching and behavioural change.

Hot on the heels of our successful one-day BootCamps, we’re delighted to announce a series of intensive two-hour afternoon sessions covering some of the most common questions we’ve been asked.

Our MasterClasses provide an opportunity to look at specific challenges in detail and answer questions to accelerate your leadership and change projects.  Best of all, like all our public events, they’re completely FREE!

Our new schedule will cover topics such as:

  • Creating an internal coaching programme
  • Effective management and measurement of executive coaching
  • Harnessing the power of culture
  • How to create meaningful change (and ditch the ‘values’)
  • Turning leadership promises into business results
  • Getting the most from 360° assessment

For more details, and to book your free place, visit our events page.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Leadership development in action: Nyomi’s story

Just under a year ago we completed a 2 year high potential (HIPO) development programme with Shred-it, the the world’s leading secure information destruction company and part of Stericycle Inc.

We welcomed participants from across Shred-it’s EMEAA operations, from the UK, Ireland, Germany and South Africa to a programme that would equip them to be leaders of the future, by focusing on enhancing their understanding of business and what it takes to lead and inspire others.

Nyomi Loftus joined the programme as an Internal Sales Representative.  Throughout the programme she proved herself to be inquisitive, bold and humble.  We were delighted to hear from Nyomi recently with an update on her progress.

Firstly I wanted to get in touch to say a massive thank you for the work you did with me during the HIPO program.

Since the program finished I applied and got a position as an Internal Sales Team Leader.  I have now been in the role for 6 months. During that time I have been consistently looking back over the material that we covered.

I have grown my team from 5 people to 8 and managed to drive their performance to now being consistently over 120% to target.

Yesterday I passed my probation and it got me thinking about the true value achieved from taking part in your training.

I am sure you will pleased to hear that I am now the proud owner of a reflections diary.

Overall, I believe that the program came at the perfect time for me, it really helped me cement some focus when the rest of my life was very difficult.

When I think back to Nyomi that did the interviews for that programme, I see a totally different person both personally and professionally.

Hope you are doing well and imparting your wisdom on other professionals.

I thank you and everyone else involved in the program for helping me to understand my true potential.

Nyomi Loftus  |  Internal Sales Team Leader

Stericycle, Inc.

Thanks Nyomi for letting us share your story, congratulations on your success, and the very best of luck for the future!

Success requires lots of small steps in the right direction

pic1It’s been a pleasure to work with the team at Sapphire over the last 6 months.  A hugely successful design and manufacturing business, we’ve been supporting them in the building of their operating strategy and the development of clear behavioural principles that will guide their continued growth.

Earlier this month, the strategy and behavioural principles were introduced to the business as part of a team event that gave us the opportunity to use one of our favourite exercises – the Marshmallow Challenge.

Time and time again, the teams that succeed in this challenge are those that are willing to prototype, to take a small step forward, test their model and use their learnings to further improve.

pic2The lessons apply equally for the successful implementation of organisational behaviours. Organisations and the people in them don’t change overnight, but by resolutely applying the prototyping mindset, continuing to take small steps in the right direction, it won’t take Sapphire very long to become the organisation they want to be.

Supporting organisational change at Air France KLM

We supported managers at one of the world’s largest airlines to better manage conversations about change.

Combining coaching techniques with skills in conducting difficult conversations, their UK management team were better equipped to help employees succeed and support their people through change.

They really enjoyed the experience as well.  Vicky Frith, Air France KLM’s Corporate Sales Manager called it “highly engaging and motivating and an excellent learning opportunity”.

Read more about our work with Air France KLM here.

Why we love to run free events

For over 3 years, we’ve been running regular Leadership BootCamps across the UK.

Our BootCamps are free events on a range of topics close to our heart such as Executive Coaching, High Performing Teams and Organisational Change.

So why do we continue to give away learning that our customers have told us regularly they’re prepared to pay for?

  1. We like meeting new people.  We love our customers (very much), but we also like meeting new people.  We’re a bunch of extroverts, so new encounters keep our energy levels high.
  2. We love our topic areas.  We’re passionate about coaching, leadership and change so that’s what our BootCamps focus on.  We love talking to people about these topics, and we love the questions and challenges they bring along to discuss.
  3. We love presenting.  A lot of our team are from learning and development backgrounds, and really get their kicks being in front of a new audience.  They say there’s nothing better than a bunch of enthusiastic participants!
  4. It helps us generate new business.  Let’s be absolutely honest, we’re not only doing this for the love!  People who meet us generally like us, and often ask us to help them with their challenges.  We’ve met a lot of new customers that way, including OCS, The Co-operative Bank and Air France KLM.

    We’re absolutely transparent about this point because it keeps us focussed on providing great learning events, rather than sneaky sales days!

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The joy of being ‘normal’

A customer told us a lovely thing recently – she said we were “very normal”.  If you’ve had any dealings with management consultants, you’ll know that’s a massive compliment!

However the context of the sentence worried us, because she was surprised at how “very normal” we were.  That led us to think long and hard about the image we portrayed to people, and what our customers really valued about working with us.

After talking to them we discovered it came down to 4 things:

  • We’re always passionate and enthusiastic about what we do – we arrive with a smile and leave them smiling
  • We know our stuff – we’re really insightful and have lots of experiences that we share with them
  • We always start with principles – we use this to help people make decisions they’re really happy with and are confident will deliver the right results
  • We’re very normal – our customers said they liked us as a bunch of people, which was lovely, because we really like them too

So we’ve had a bit of a spruce up, and built a new website and social media presence that is more reflective of who we want to be, and our customers value about us.

There’s still some work to do, but we’d love your thoughts.

Developing the leaders of the future at Shred-it

Shred-it 2014 EMEA Hipo Program

We are delighted to announce the commencement of the Shred-it 2014 EMEA High Potential Program.

Vmax Consulting are partnering with Shred-it, the world’s leading secure information destruction company, to deliver an intensive 2 year program to develop the leaders of the future.  The program combines interactive learning modules with intensive projects aligned to the business strategy and designed to deliver substantial return on investment.

Throughout the program, peer and faculty support is provided through the use of an secure online portal, allowing the participants to communicate and collaborate regardless of location, availability and time-zone.

Module 1 focussed on Leadership & Learning, with emphasis on understanding their own behaviours and the challenges these would bring in a leadership context. The importance of their individual and team contribution in delivering business value was a constant theme, and provoked much questioning and reflection.

The High Potentials were joined in the first module by members of the Shred-it leadership team, including the EVP for EMEA, Robert Guice.  Robert ran a session on the key components of leadership within Shred-it that provided an opportunity for the participants to contextualise their learning and position themselves effectively as future leaders.

Robert Guice is a key sponsor of the program, and stated “Shred-it believe that investing in our people – creating a motivated and passionate leadership culture – has a positive influence throughout the business, which is ultimately reflected in the high quality of service to our customers”.

Daniela Seitz, Shred-it Director of Human Resources, EMEA welcomed the focus the Vmax Consulting team are bringing to the program, describing the program design and delivery as “highly challenging of the participant’s leadership preconceptions, and a driver of significant business value”.

We look forward to working with the participants over the next 2 years.