Behavioural change

People are complicated. So deal with it.

The first step to dealing with people is to understand them better.

The first step to dealing with it is to understand them better.  You want to understand how to get them to react positively to change, how you can help them to perform better as a team, or find out whether they have the potential for promotion.

We build 360° assessments –  we’re also really good at self assessments.

As well as being accredited in a range of industry standard measurement tools such as MBTI, TMSDI and OPQ32, our occupational psychologists design and build tailored assessments just for you.   We build 360° assessments as well as 180° and 720°.  We’re also really good at self assessments (perhaps we should call them 0°?).

Understanding people is only the first step – what you really want is for them to change, for the better.  We’ll deliver workshops to examine the results of your assessments and help your people apply the learnings to their own work relationships.  We’ll provide executive coaching for those that want to see rapid personal change.  We’ll help you build a plan for delivering sustainable change across the organisation, no matter how complicated your people are.