Louie Gardiner

Louie is a global executive coach, facilitator and OD consultant with a proven track record spanning 30 years: facilitating change, enhancing emotional mastery, liberating potential, transforming performance and improving lives. She is an unusual and hugely experienced professional, supporting clients to adeptly navigate complex, fast-changing contexts and challenges.

Her expertise resides in her deep understanding of the systemic dynamics that play out in teams, organisations and individuals. She has a particular talent in supporting clients working in diverse sectors and disciplines e.g. public, corporate, academia, third sector, SMEs, IT, utilities, leisure, highways, planning, architecture, finance, regeneration, social care, education, health care et al.

Louie’s success is founded on her capacity to engage clients in addressing challenges that may span strategic, operational, relational and personal realms. She illuminates and enables people to access the power and potential they have as leaders in their work, their field/industry, their organisations and communities.