Veronica Royston

Veronica is an internationally experienced Executive Coach and Organisational Psychologist with more than 10 years’ coaching experience. She helps leaders to improve their resilience and effectiveness, think strategically, leverage their team’s performance, manage change and diversity.

Her work focuses leaders on dealing with complexity and taking actions that will have a significant impact. Veronica’s coaching approach is rooted in narrative and integral philosophies combined with a systemic perspective. This means that we focus on you, your purpose, intentions and what drives and motivates you; we look holistically at how you think, feel and how you respond to external factors in your environment. The aim is to build your capacity to respond with more clarity, focus and wisdom so you achieve the outcomes that matter most, and influence and lead your team and business with greater awareness and impact.

Veronica cuts through complexity to get to the core of things and is focused on achieving long term sustainable changes. Her approach is at once personally meaningful and business focused.