Our people

Dr Paul Victor

With serious academic credentials and 30 years experience, Dr Paul Victor is a behavioural and organisational change heavyweight.

Sue Wheeler

Sue Wheeler is a coach, facilitator and human resources specialist with an enviable track record.

Louise Woods

Always putting our customers’ needs first, Louise Woods has been supporting the delivery of complex organisational change and coaching programmes for over a decade.

Paul Norris

Paul is responsible for the design, development and implementation of a range of development and change services.

Helen Anderson

Helen has a wealth of knowledge in business organisation and administration.

Mark Latteman

When not running marathons, Mark Latteman uses his commercial experience to enhance leadership performance.

Veronica Royston

Veronica has enviable global
experience and a down-to-earth
approach that gets to the core of
leadership challenges.

Andrew Long

A proud Yorkshireman, Andrew Long has helped organisations around the world develop their people to be more effective.

Richard Da Costa

Richard has worked in Human Resource management over a 30 year career in both the UK and France.

Jo Birch

Jo Birch has used her diverse skills in coaching, counselling and psychotherapy to help leaders in organisations across the world.

Richard Andrews

A goal-oriented approach, and a focus on profitable solutions has made Richard Andrews a trusted adviser to many leading organisations.

Tom Battye

Tom Battye is a former professional expedition leader with over 14 years leadership development and coaching experience.

Louie Gardiner

With over 30 years experience in executive coaching and organisational change, Louie Gardiner is highly engaging and extremely effective.

Chris de Jong

A specialist sales and marketing consultant fluent in 4 languages, Chris De Jong has helped numerous businesses develop ideas and turn them into profitable strategies.

Olivier Treinan

Olivier has worked as an intrapreneur, entrepreneur, business consultant and coach across Europe for over 25 years.

Mike Cutt

A regular feature in the HR world’s lists of most influential players, Mike Cutt is an experienced Non-Executive Director, consultant and executive coach.