FREE Masterclass: Developing leaders of the future

Leadership is changing and how we develop our leaders needs to change.

Leaders of the future need to manage much higher levels of complexity and ambiguity. They need to operate more fluidly across the organisation and collaborate with others in different roles, at different levels, in different geographies, and at different skills levels.

This intensive half-day Masterclass will explore the changing nature of leadership. It will help participants create a practical plan for evolving their leadership development practices so that they are developing leaders capable of working effectively in the future.


Masterclass outline

  • The changing nature of leadership – expectations and opportunities
  • How organisations are evolving and placing different demands on leaders
  • The failures of the curriculum-led approach to development
  • Designing an development pathway to help leaders acquire and develop the skills required over the next ten years
  • The importance of fluidity and fluency in leadership 

The Masterclass format

Vmax Consulting Masterclasses are fast-paced and highly experiential half-day events held at venues across the UK.

Participants will spend their time learning key topic areas from industry experts and sharing experiences with their industry peers.


It’s important that participants can learn from each other as well as from us.

Our Masterclasses are designed for people who are, or are planning to use the topic areas for projects in their organisation. Typically you’ll be a leader, line manager or HR professional with responsibility for the design and implementation of these services.

We’ll ask you a few questions when you register to help us understand a little more about you and your organisation, and to make sure the event is suitable.

If we have any questions or concerns, we’ll get in touch.

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