FREE BootCamp: Leading organisations through change

Our understanding of change has developed significantly in recent years yet we still see change managed as series of tasks and consistently failing to deliver the full commercial benefits.

Change is much more than effective project management – it requires a compelling story that people at all levels in the business understand, align with, and which compels them to action.

This BootCamp provides information, insights, experience and practical advice on how to more effectively lead change. Participants will learn how to deliver greater engagement, impact and bottom-line value.


BootCamp outline

  • Understanding the change dynamic in contemporary organisations
  • The top ten critical factors in change leadership
  • Strategic change leadership as a powerful driver of value
  • Unleashing the power of positive change management
  • Engagement curves and how to manage them effectively
  • Embedding the learning – delivering sustainable change

The BootCamp format

Vmax Consulting BootCamps are fast-paced and highly experiential one-day events held at venues across the UK. Participants will spend their time learning key topic areas, and practising their newly learned skills in a supportive environment.

Whilst a day isn’t long to learn about these topics, all participants will leave informed, engaged, better equipped, and eager to continue their learning.

All our BootCamps are facilitated by experienced practitioners and educators in the topic area.


It’s important that participants can learn from each other as well as from us.

Our BootCamps are designed for people who are, or are planning to use the topic areas for projects in their organisation. Typically you’ll be a leader, line manager or HR professional with responsibility for the design and implementation of these services.

We’ll ask you a few questions when you register to help us understand a little more about you and your organisation, and to make sure the event is suitable.

If we have any questions or concerns, we’ll get in touch.

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