Free events calendar

We run a regular schedule of free Webinars, BootCamps and Workshops on a range of topics. You can find the latest information and book your place on all of these using the links below.

FREE BootCamp: Leadership Coaching

This full day session is crammed with insights to help attendees become better at coaching, and get maximum value from their investment in external coaches.

If you’re responsible for helping others get first-class coaching, or keen to improve your own coaching skills, this BootCamp is for you.

Our Coaching BootCamps are invitation only events held at great locations across the UK. Click below to read the full outline, view our schedule and request an invitation.

FREE Webinar: Get more value from your investment in coaching

Coaching is one of the most effective development activities available, but this comes at a price!  Learn how to ensure you get maximum value from coaching in your organisation.

Held every Tuesday and Friday, this webinar provides valuable advice for leaders, HR professionals, and anyone who is involved in the delivery of coaching in organisations.

FREE Masterclass: Developing leaders of the future

Leadership is changing and how we develop our leaders needs to change.

Leaders of the future need to manage much higher levels of complexity and ambiguity. They need to operate more fluidly across the organisation and collaborate with others in different roles, at different levels, in different geographies, and at different skills levels.

This intensive half-day Masterclass will explore the changing nature of leadership. It will help participants create a practical plan for evolving their leadership development practices so that they are developing leaders capable of working effectively in the future.

FREE Masterclass: Driving a culture of collaboration

Collaboration is a value differentiator for many organisations and leaders are recognising that this is an issue to be addressed at a cultural level.

Collaboration is much more than joint project working – it is a mindset, a behaviour and a way of working that will drive significant value in your organisation. This intensive, half-day Masterclass explores how to accelerate the development of a collaboration culture with high levels of engagement and participation.

FREE BootCamp: Effective team working

Understanding how to lead and motivate a team are essential skills for anyone with line management responsibilities, regardless of role or seniority.  To get the most out of your team, you first need to understand the individuals within it.  

This BootCamp uses personality assessments based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to provide you with an accurate picture of the personalities in your team and the behaviours associated with them.  You will learn how to interpret and use the information to enhance team performance and your own leadership skills.

FREE Masterclass: Ditch your values – how to create meaningful change

Join us for an intensive half-day session where we will explain why organisational values are ineffective in changing behaviour and what you should be doing to get the performance culture you want.

Designed for those with responsibility for organisational change programmes or those looking to deliver change within their organisation or team, this is a FREE event with strictly LIMITED numbers.

FREE BootCamp: Harness the power of culture to improve performance

Culture is powerful. It can be, and often is the difference between success and failure. An effective culture is therefore not a nice-to-have, it’s a must have.

This one-day workshop is crammed with insights that will take culture to the top of your agenda, together with tools and techniques to help you define and deploy the culture you want in your organisation.

By the end of the day you will understand what it takes to harness the power of culture to deliver significant performance improvement.

FREE Masterclass: Functional expert to business leader

The majority of people are promoted and develop their careers on the basis of their specialist knowledge.  There comes a time when we can no longer rely on these skills and need to make the transition from functional expert to being a business leader, capable of driving the whole business forwards.

This half-day Masterclass is specifically designed to support business managers in making this transition. Participants will understand the differences between the two leadership approaches and the skills and behaviours that functional experts can carry forwards to their role as a leader.

FREE BootCamp: Leading organisations through change

Our understanding of change has developed significantly in recent years yet we still see change managed as series of tasks and consistently failing to deliver the full commercial benefits.

Change is much more than effective project management – it requires a compelling story that people at all levels in the business understand, align with, and which compels them to action.

This BootCamp provides information, insights, experience and practical advice on how to more effectively lead change. Participants will learn how to deliver greater engagement, impact and bottom-line value.