Leadership development at Safestyle

About Safestyle UK

Safestyle UK are manufacturers and installers of replacement doors and windows.

Established in Bradford in 1992 for just £2,000, by 2005 they were turning over more than £100 million per year and had over 40 branches across the UK.

The challenge

Safestyle UK wanted to develop the capability of the management team within their Bradford head office and manufacturing site.

They saw this as critical in helping them eradicate unwanted working practices and become an ‘employer of choice’ within a very competitive labour market.

How we helped

We built development programmes for all managers and supervisors across the manufacturing plant, from MD through to Foremen.

The core programme was comprised of seven modules focused on leadership, strategic capability, and operational excellence. All participants attended modules on project management to help them make immediate improvements to their business.

It became clear that leaders at all levels did not feel that they had the permission, skills or resources to implement changes. This became a major focus for the programme, with the Board acting as sponsors to support business improvement projects.

We also helped by observing leadership teams in practice, providing objective feedback about their performance and adapting the programmes to address development needs.


Safestyle UK has seen substantial benefits to the business with positive changes in behaviour and leadership performance.

This isn’t just anecdotal – they measured progress using 360° assessments before and after.

The business improvement projects that the participants were asked to design and deliver saw returns in excess of 10x investment. Waste costs were halved and the quality and delivery targets are now achieved as a matter of course.

Furthermore, retention figures increased markedly as the reputation of the business as an employer of choice spread through the local labour market.