Toxic culture is bad for business

“RBS culture labelled ‘toxic’ as bosses are grilled by MPs…”

“Unilever threatens to pull advertising spend with tech giants Google, Facebook, and Twitter over toxic culture…”

“Game developer Quantic Dream accused of ‘toxic’ and ‘sexist’ working environment…”

 “Uber’s toxic corporate culture – much more than a PR problem”

You don’t have to look far to find examples of poor organisational culture having a measurable impact on performance.  Not every cultural failure hits the headlines, so how can you tell if your culture is bad for business?

The clues are everywhere.  A poor culture may be evidenced by:

  • Difficulties attracting new employees without resorting to high salaries
  • Problems retaining employees in key positions
  • Poor customer service feedback and reviews
  • High levels of customer turnover
  • Low levels of productivity and an unwillingness to ‘go the extra mile’
  • Employees ‘bad-mouthing’ the organisation
  • A lack of care in the quality of work and the workplace – an untidy desk can be more than the result of an untidy mind

Understanding, valuing, shaping and driving your culture is as critical as any project or task you are undertaking right now or have planned for the future.

The future success of your business may just depend upon it.

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