Priority Five: Treat people as individuals

Creating labels for different groups of employees doesn’t make it easier to motivate and inspire them.  Start understanding and engaging your people as individuals.

Most businesses will employ Baby Boomers, Gen X’s, Gen Y’s and Millennials, have full time and part time employees, home-workers and working parents.  All these different labels create unnecessary complexity and lead to stereotyping that brings little practical benefit.

So what do people want?

  • To be empowered to make their own decisions – they want to do more than just complete a list of tasks
  • To belong – they look for strong connections between their personal values and organisational culture
  • Development that is varied and holistic – as well as traditional training they want secondments, project work, assignments, e-learning, mentoring and coaching
  • Ongoing feedback – an annual performance appraisal isn’t enough, they want daily development focusing on results and changing business demands
  • More flexibility – in hours, in benefits, in contracts, in work practices, in dress, in career paths, in everything!

So ditch the labels and focus in on your people.  Understand, develop and nurture each and every one of them as individuals.


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