Priority Four: Create future leaders

Do you know where your future leaders are coming from?  Are you comfortable heading into the recruitment market again?  Developing your own talent will save money, build reputation and generate value.

Few major organisations have an effective pipeline of future talent.  The potential in most organisations will never be realised.

Here is our 5 step approach to developing future leaders:

1. Understand the need

What type of leadership do you need to succeed in the future?  What skills and experiences do you want in your boardroom?  Developing future leaders requires you to consider your industry, marketplace and customers.   Move beyond the old-fashioned “who will be the next …?” debate and start considering the real needs of your organisation.

2. Measure the potential

Performance is a great measure of how someone is at what they do now, but a poor indicator of how they would do in a different job at a different time.  Start assessing them against future requirements, start measuring performance AND potential.

3. Develop the capability

Be innovative and creative in the development of your future leaders and make time for development that focuses on real-world scenarios.  Place strong emphasis on leadership behaviour and use coaching to develop their approach.

4. Embed the approach

Developing future leaders is a key part of running an organisation.  Embed the approach by ensuring future leaders are learning how to develop the next generation as well as themselves.

5. Measure the impact

Measure your future leaders by the impact they have on individual, team and organisational performance.  Use the information to fine-tune their development and ensure they are getting the encouragement and support they need.


The most successful organisations understand the importance of investing in the development of their ‘high potential’ employees.  The future of their organisation depends upon it.


Find out about all 5 steps to success and see if you have your priorities right.

The 5 steps to success

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