Priority Three:  Collaborate effectively

The world is too complex, too connected and changing too quickly to rely on yesterday’s expertise.  Now, more than ever, future success requires the collaboration of the whole team, rather than relying on the knowledge and experience of a few.

Becoming a leader doesn’t endow you with the ability to see the future.  The title doesn’t come with a book containing all the answers to all the questions you will be asked.

The secret to success in your organisation isn’t sat around the boardroom table.  If you properly empower your people, your organisation will succeed.

10 things leaders need to do to ensure effective collaboration:

  1. Become comfortable that they will not always know the answer
  2. Recognise that their role is to create the space, the culture and the means by which the answers can be found or created
  3. Encourage, inspire and motivate the team to excel
  4. Ensure the team has the capability, capacity, commitment and coordination to collaborate
  5. Encourage learning and reflection in the team and avoid being blinkered by the task-in-hand
  6. Keep the ultimate goal clearly in focus at all times
  7. Ensure that the focus is on the outcomes rather than the process
  8. Support the team to ask more questions and challenge the status quo
  9. Encourage others to view things in a broad context as well as in close-up detail
  10. Learn to coach and develop capability in others rather than just instructing them

High performing teams work on the combined intelligence and collective capability of everyone.  Do you have what it takes to get the best from them?


Find out about all 5 steps to success and see if you have your priorities right.

The 5 steps to success

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