Priority One:  Harness the power of culture

Culture is powerful. It can be, and often is the difference between success and failure.  An effective culture is therefore not a nice-to-have, it’s a must have.

Culture should be a central focus for all organisational leaders and yet, too often it is side-lined as a discussion that takes second place to task delivery.

Understanding, valuing, shaping and driving your culture is as critical as any project or task you are undertaking right now or have planned for the future.

4 reasons why culture is critical for success:

1. Your people respond to the culture of your organisation

People have an intrinsic need to belong and this means they place a great priority on culture.  This affects the day-to-day decisions about engagement, commitment and championing your business.

2. An effective culture attracts effective people

If you get it wrong, you won’t attract or retain talent.  You can get it wrong at many levels – according to a recent Gallup poll, 50% of people leave organisations to get away from their manager.

3. Culture attracts and retain customers

In this more connected and transparent world, your customers have a clear view of your culture.  A positively-viewed culture wins customers and encourages them to spend more.

4. Culture directly drives performance

People perform best and give more discretionary effort when they feel part of a team, when they feel valued and when they can make a difference.  An effective culture drives productivity and performance.

The question you have is not whether to focus on your projects or your culture, but how you will achieve both.  The best leaders and the best organisations do both, all of the time.

Find out about all 5 steps to success and see if you have your priorities right.

The 5 steps to success

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