Is your business ready for the ‘Teampreneurs’?


Today members of the Vmax Consulting team spent a fascinating morning working with the students and coaches of the Entrepreneurial Business Management degree at Northumbria University.

Based on ‘Tiimiakatemia’, an experiential learning philosophy developed and honed in Finland, this is a degree without lectures, exams, or defined boundaries.  Instead the students (or ‘Teampreneurs’) are building a real business, in the wild.  They are responsible for everything that is involved with their fledgling startups, with little in the way of directive guidance, but all the support they could possibly hope for.

In addition to the faculty support, the Teampreneurs are completely self-supporting. Collaboration and knowledge sharing is baked in from the outset, as this is the only way that their businesses will thrive.

What is intriguing to know is how businesses in the outside world will handle these budding entrepreneurs when (or perhaps if) they enter the traditional job market.  Will their entrepreneurial spirit be nurtured, or snuffed out in order to maintain the corporate status quo.

We can only hope that the wider world is open to the Teampreneurs’ new ideas and ethos.

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