How do you make a step change? (there’s a clue in the question)


“How do I move my business on to the next level?”

“How do we compete more effectively?”

“How do I make a step change in performance?”

etc, etc etc.

Perhaps not surprisingly, one of the most commonly asked questions of a organisational change professional will be along these lines.  Sometimes the answer is structural change, sometimes cultural change, sometimes processual, sometimes behavioural.  Sometimes it’s about the organisation as a whole, sometimes a discrete team, sometimes an individual or individuals.

In all cases proposals and recommendations are put forward, plans written, structures agreed, engagement achieved, and then, and then…..




…. in fact it’s amazing how many leaders seem to think that the hard work has, at this point, been done.  Well, we hate to break the bad news, but that was the easy bit.  If you want to make a step change in your business you now have to embark on the two most challenging components.

1) Take the first step – yes, those plans, proposals and structures actually need to be implemented, and the only way it’s going to happen is if you actually start to implement them!

2) Make a change – that’s you we’re talking about, not someone else.  If you want to see change in your business, it has to start with someone, and that someone has to be you.

So there we go, if you want to know how to make a step-change in your business, the answer was in the question all along.

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