Pragmatic project management

In a previous blog, we looked at the PRINCE2 themes and how they could be applied to an organisational change project.  The PRINCE2 themes provide an excellent philosophical basis for the initiation and management of organisational change projects, however to ensure success and realisation of your goals, some degree of documentation is required.

One of the most common preconceptions of PRINCE2 is that it is a ‘heavy’ or even ‘unwieldy’ methodology, introducing draconian levels of monitoring, reporting and control.  The reality however is quite different.  Rather than insisting on particular documents, PRINCE2 only insists that key principles are considered and pragmatic, appropriate solutions implemented.

The most well known PRINCE2 document is the Project Initiation Document or PID.  The PID is the document that, when agreed and ‘signed off’, becomes the basis of the delegated authority a project manager needs to commence their work.  Although in in truest form, the PID is actually a collection of documents and the culmination of the first phase of the project, it is not unreasonable to see the creation of a PID as the initiation phase in itself.  If this is where your projects typically start, how do you make the process simple, effective, and aligned to the organisation’s goals?

In many organisations unaccustomed to project management rigour, we have used a single-page PID template that has proved enormously successful.  The stipulation of a single page synopsis ensures brevity and efficiency, and the provided sections ensure the key requirements of a PID are fully considered.

The format and structure of the PID are used to create regular tracking reports such as the one shown below.  We use PowerPoint to create both PID and tracking reports, to enforce the single-page approach, reduce the need for repetition of information in different formats (reports are often required to be presented), and because the PowerPoint structure essentially acts as a ‘digital binder’, allowing progress to be visually tracked with the click of a button.

If you would like to make use of this template, click here or on the slideshare logo in the above preview and choose save on the destination page.  If you have any questions on using the document just get in touch, we’d be delighted to help!

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