The power of appreciation

At the beginning of any training day, it is good practice to begin with a review of the previous day.  These sessions can take many forms, from a list of outstanding questions to personal reflections on particular points of resonance.

I had the pleasure of co-delivering an event with an incredibly talented executive coach who had her own particular method for orchestrating the session.  At the beginning of each day, rather than asking for reflections, comments or questions, she would ask for an ‘appreciation’, a learning or positive experience as a result of a contribution from another member of the group.

The process of appreciation created a unique, collaborative atmosphere to begin the day’s activities.  Each member of the group was made acutely aware of the value they personally brought to everyone else’s learning, and the very language of the word ‘appreciation’ ensured that the contributions were presented in a constructive and progressive tone.

We’re all accustomed to the positive-only nature of the Facebook ‘like’ – here is a simple tactic for using the same ethos in your training approach.

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